Title: In Salt,  Author:Alexander Rocine

7 page comic detailing the redemption of renowned body-builder Charles Atlas. One cell of his body sanctified for each copy sold. [preview]


Title: A Manifesto
What happens when the orphan kills his father? Can you really wait to find out? No You Can’t! A destruction of Hellenistic ideals and exaltation of the blinding white light from the mouth of infinity. [preview]


Title: Buddha In the Bomb
An exploration of the Nothing that Is. A wild romp through the implications of the atomic bomb and modernized life from the viewpoint of Zen Buddhism. Put your shoe on your head and save the cat! Bodhisattva Little Boy is coming, watch out.

Bloomer Cover preview

Title: In Salt,  Author: Alexander RocineA short adventure in the attempt to understand Superman and his relation to the desire to bloom into a beautiful power. Rooted in the first ACTION COMICS.

While you cannot yet order from us directly our materials are available Online at Quimby’s

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I am currently working on making our products available at more locations as well as creating on online store.

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